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HONOR X9a 5G Smartphone 13 (8+5GB) + 256GB Ultra-tough OLED Curved Display 2 Days Long Battery Life 64MP Triple Camera

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HONOR X9a 5G phone

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Ultra Tough OLED Curved Display丨2 Days Battery Life丨13(8+5)GB+256GB丨64MP Triple Camera丨Elegant & Slim Design丨Experience

💡Ultra-tough OLED Curved Display

0.65mm Super Reinforced Glass provides you a better protection

💡Premium OLED Curved Display

💡120Hz OLED 1.07 Billion Colors Curved Display

Super smooth actions on screen with 120Hz refresh rate and view the wonderful world with 1.07 billion colors display.

💡1920Hz PWM Dimming

Protect your eyes when you read in low light conditions with 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming.

💡Al Anti Mistouch

Precisely sense your touch and prevent accidental touches from ruining your experience.

🔋2 Days Long Battery Life

🔋5100mAh 2 Days Long Battery Life

5100mAh large battery enables 2 days of use.*DxO verified-2 days battery life

🔋Durable Battery Still Energetic After 3 Years

Maximum capacity of more than 80% after 1,000 charge-discharge cycles.

💾13(8+5)GB + 256GB Large Storage.(5GB HONOR RAM Turbo included)


5GB Extended RAM, Run more Apps smoothly. Open multiple apps without any stress, and switch between them smoothly.

💾256GB Large Storage

256GB large storage that let you forget about having to delete videos, photos, or files.

📸64MP Triple Camera

High-definition three combined cameras allow you to capture daily life at will. Optimized image algorithm tuning leaves a better night scene.

📸Multi-video Mode

64MP Multi-video mode for convenient and intelligent Vlog shooting.

64MP Triple Camera

5MP Wide Angle Camera

2MP Macro Camera

16MP Front Camera

🖼️Super Reinforced Glass

HONOR X9a smartphone adopts a 0.65mm deeply reinforced glass with enhanced stress of over 900Mpa for its anti-drop curved screen, which can give you peace of mind in everyday use. According to rigorous laboratory tests, it can endure most bumps in life without a problem, whether being dropped, squeezed or impacted.

⚡Brilliant to the Eyes, Easy on the hands

A refresh rate of 120Hz enables smoother graphics performance. A 300Hz touch sampling rate and sub-pixel fine control immerse you in a smoother gaming experience.

👀High-Frequency Dimming, Guardian of your Eyes

The advanced 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming technology ensures comfortable screen time in dim light. Hardware-level low blue light display always strives to protect your eyes.

☁️Light but Powerful, For an Unimaginable Experience

Performance or appearance? It's not a matter of choice! Besides its long battery life, the HONOR X9a mobile phone's slim and light design makes it the star in your eyes, exuding power, and elegance.

📈HONOR RAM Turbo, Smooth Beyond Time

HONOR RAM Turbo cleverly extends the 8GB RAM with a whooping 5GB, delivering a smooth experience. The anti-aging engine keeps optimizing the system performance, bringing a continuous upbeat performance for 36 months.

🎵Volume it Up, Enchant Your Ears

The high-volume mode doubles the call volume. HONOR's own dual-MIC noise-cancellation technology ventures to eliminate environmental noise while enhancing the human voice, making the calls clearer and purer. Double Hi-Res Gold certified, the phone will enchant your ears with a feast of music through wired or wireless headphones.

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